Shoulder Season Shred 肩章季节

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Injuries are setbacks for athletes, but they can also bring opportunities to try different things. With Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau recovering from a broken hand and me getting over a broken collarbone, we thought it would be fun to get out and do this bicycle thing together. No clock, less stress on our bodies, but all the fun.

We wanted to get out of Vancouver, and headed to Pemberton to explore the meadows around Tenquille Lake. We got Thomas Vanderham to join us, as well as photographer Margus Riga. A freeride legend, an enduro racer, and a downhill racer, all going for a trail ride. Quite the crew!

I have very little experience in backcountry riding. It wasn’t until Brian, the Rocky Mountain marketing guy, lent me his PLB (locator beacon) that it hit home—we definitely weren’t in the bike park. However, Thomas and Margus both have tons of backcountry experience, and we all felt at ease going into the ride.

It was a nice day as we started in on the climbs. A rain cloud hit us during the hike-a-bike section but the warm sun was poking through. The flies kept our snack breaks short.

We came to a trail intersection. Either head straight into the trail we had planned on shooting, or go up another 2km to reach Tenquille Lake. Margus thought the cabin up top would be a pretty sweet spot for part of the shoot. We all wanted to see the lake and cabin up in the alpine, so we changed the plan and headed up.

We came to the open area between two massive rocky ridges and started crossing. The snow was still abundant so we had to start walking our bikes. After a little while, ALN looked down to her GPS and noticed we had gone past the 2km mark and there was no sight of a lake or cabin. It seemed pretty straightforward to stumble upon that lake as we were in an open valley, yet there was definitely no lake in sight. It was a bit of a head scratcher, and eventually, we had to turn around.

Have you ever heard of the expression “getting Riga’d”? As we were backtracking in the snow, Thomas explained to ALN and I that we had just gotten Riga’d. Apparently, we’re not the first to get lost while on a shoot with Margus Riga. It feels like we’re part of a club now.

I thought our feet couldn’t have gotten any more wet until we hit a river crossing, but as soon as things headed downhill I forgot about my soaked feet. I’m not sure if it was because the technical riding was keeping them warm or because they were frozen numb.
The trail wove through all sorts of natural scenery. The top of the trail was rocky and shaley, before making its way through a burn from a forest fire a few years ago. Eerie and beautiful.

The lower we got, the greener our surroundings became. By the end of it, the trail was so overgrown you couldn’t see 20 feet ahead or your feet for that matter. That didn’t stop us from keeping our speed—it just spiced things up when blindly catching loose rocks beneath our tires.

We finished the day at a perfect camp spot on Lillooet Lake. Food and drink are always more enjoyable after a day like this.

The next morning we had hopes of checking out a trail up the Duffy Lake Road. We’d done some researching on the trail access and Margus had been in that area some 20 years ago, so it would be easy to find. Right?

This was getting Riga’d 2.0. We drove around endless fire roads that had undoubtedly changed over the years of logging. We went a little further, a little more, and some more. The wide access roads became double-tracks and then stopped entirely.

We returned to town to regroup. Some things happen for a reason, and as soon as we hit the paved road again, we got smashed by a torrential downpour. Not the “grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it” kind of rain, but the “oh-shit-this-is-bad-and-I-have-hypothermia” kind of rain. We were decently prepared, but if we’d been on that trail it would have been a bad scene.

A hot cup of tea and treat from The Raven’s bakery later, and the storm had passed.

The haphazardly laid plans of mice and men were saved by the good old Pemby trail network! Our bud Dylan Forbes swung by to join us for a few laps, and we were all fired up to ride some of the best trails in the sea to sky region.

This wouldn’t have been a Margus Riga trip without getting a little Riga’d. Oh! And I should mention that ALN checked her GPS and could see Tenquille lake on the map! It was there, just past where we had stopped and turned around. Next time...

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我们想离开温哥华,并前往彭伯顿探索Tenquille湖周围的草地。我们让Thomas Vanderham加入我们,以及摄影师Margus Riga。一个自由式传奇,一个enduro赛车,和一个下坡赛车,所有去一路径。相当的船员!

我在野外骑马的经验很少。直到布莱恩,洛基山营销家伙,借给我他的PLB(定位灯),它打回家 - 我们绝对不是在自行车公园。然而,托马斯和玛格斯都有大量的野外经验,我们都很放心地骑车。






我们得到的越低,我们的环境变得更绿色。到了尾声,这条线路是如此杂草丛生,你看不到20英尺前面或你的脚为此事。这并没有阻止我们保持我们的速度 - 它只是在我们的轮胎盲目捕捉松散的岩石时加香料。




我们回到镇上重组。一些事情发生的原因,一旦我们打了铺好的道路,再次,我们被暴风雨的暴雨砸碎。而不是“磨砂 - 你的牙齿和熊”的下雨,而是“哦,这是坏,我有降低体温”的雨。我们精心准备,但如果我们在这条路上,这将是一个坏的场面。


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